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D Steet Painting 2.jpg

All the paintings listed are original paintings by Patrick Sattley.  All the original art work comes framed and ready to hang.  If you like a painting that is already sold, contact directly to have an original painted for you.  Email directly to see a more detailed image or more information about a painting, sizes or details.

ps289 Currents.jpg
ps281 South Swell 2.0.jpg
ps288 Pipes South.jpg
ps281 Coronado Beach 2021.jpg
ps280 Dawn and Dusk 2.0.jpg
ps257 Avila Beach.jpg
ps260 Windansea La Jolla.jpg
ps261 Teal Momentum.jpg
ps291 La Jolla Palms 2021.jpg
ps255 Dream-.jpg
ps241 Dawn Will Rise.jpg
ps240 Seaside Dawn.jpg
ps239 La Jolla.jpg
ps290 Blacks Beach 2021.jpg
ps253 Turnarounds.jpg
La Jolla Palms render.jpg
Blacks Beach  render 2021.jpg