Patrick Sattley has been painting wave art since 2000.  His art merges two of his passions - painting and surfing - to create seascapes and waves.  His unique angles of water movement are inspired by local beaches and diverse angles he sees while surfing. Patrick and his wife, Jen, live in Carlsbad, California with their French bulldog named Kiwi.

Patrick’s painting style is mostly impressionism and realism inspired by the colors of waves, oceans and the texture of moving water.  His paintings often have muted, soft backgrounds and bold, vibrant colors and textures in the foreground waves.  A large part of his painting style involves a glazing technique with multiple layers to create transparency and depth accented by thick impasto texture and highlights. 


Patrick often uses several painting techniques in one painting such as brushes, pallet knives and more unique methods such as a power drill equipped with brushes to create circular reflections, spatulas and trowels for heavy texture and movement.  Some of his newer work is finished with thick epoxy resin poured over thick impasto paint to create a rich glass reflective liquid feel.  Check back often for newer work and to see how the paintings and technique evolves.  Commission paintings welcome!



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